I wanted to wait to post this.  Not while the Knicks were rolling win after win after win.  I didn’t want to post this, then have the Knicks lose their first game with Jeremy Lin in the line-up.  I’m more than a bit superstitious when it comes to sports.  Now that they have a couple of losses under their belt, I guess it’s alright.

In any case, it took ESPN exactly no time whatsoever to draw many comparisons between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow .  Whatever it takes to cram Tebow’s name back on air, right ESPN?  ESPN is such an asshole network.  They fucking ruin everything they touch (case in point: Monday Night Football has been unwatchable for years – first with the insufferable Kornheiser, then with the three-now-reduced-to-two retards in the booth).

If ESPN are going to continue to singlehandedly lead the charge of the Tebow bridage, just because football season is over doesn’t mean they have to stop wanking to Tebow, right?  Which means Jeremy Lin’s emergence on the scene is ripe – not just for really awful racist remarks, but also for pointless pontification for the express purpose of draggin up Tebow’s name again.  Fuck you, ESPN, the rest of us were really looking forward to not having to hear Tebow’s name again until the late spring at the earliest.  But we all know you can’t fucking contain yourselves up there in Bristol.  No, you can’t.

Here’s the thing: Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow couldn’t be any more different despite what the pundits will have you believe.  They’re like chalk and cheese, for God’s sake.  It’s such a non-story that whomever keeps perpetuating the comparison needs to be nominated for some kind of Best Fiction award.

On the one hand, you have Tim fucking Tebow.  This shithead has been hyped since his freshman year at Florida.  Two NCAA championships under a much-lauded Urban Meyer program.  1st overall draft pick.  Yet when he entered the NFL, critics quickly labeled an underdog.  He is NOT AN UNDERDOG!  How many underdogs do you know have two championships and gets drafted first overall?  He may have some of the shittiest throwing mechanics you’ve ever seen (and he does), but an underdog?  Get the fuck outta here.

On the other hand, you have Jeremy Lin.  You wanna talk about a proper underdog.  Passed over by everyone.  And if you watch video of his early years, high school, etc. – they’re all over YouTube now, by the way – you can sorta see why.  Lin was lanky and scrawny.  He only bulked up after he got to Harvard, and got into a proper training program after being told that he was the weakest incoming classmen.  I guess he did reasonably well at Harvard, but he got passed over when he went to the pros.  It is now the stuff of legend how no one gave him a goddamn chance, and everyone who passed on him is now performing seppuku (calm down, I KNOW Jeremy Lin isn’t Japanese, that’s not the point).  In my book, there was a ton of prejudice that played into his getting passed over.  I’m not one to typically play the race card, but shit, even when I read about his for the first time, I immediately wrote him off as another never-gonna-amount-to-anything player.  I immediately forgot about him after I read that story.  Why?  Because he has two things working against him: he’s Chinese and he’s Ivy.

Fuck, how wrong we all were.  Wrong because Lin is quickly showing he’s the real fucking deal.  He’s not the answer to all of the NBA’s woes, of course.  For example, he commits far too many turnovers that anyone should be comfortable with.  And it’s not like he puts on some human highlight reel each time he steps on the court.  But when you watch the games, you can see that he doesn’t need dazzle to put up meaningful points on the board.  It isn’t luck, it’s good proper hard court hustling.  Even when the Knicks lose, he’s putting up over 20 points, with more than just a handful of assists.  Maybe he hasn’t shown this level of skill ‘til now, but what’s important is that he’s showing that skill now, and now is all that matters.  The Knicks win because of him, and they lose in spite of his production.

The Denver Broncos, on the other hand, won games IN SPITE of Tim Tebow.  In all their wins, they didn’t win because they had a productive quarterback.  Most of the time, they only just squeaked the W in, but Denver fans will profess that the W is all that matters.  But is it?  Look how each win came and you tell me if that’s a sustainable strategy to a championship.  Anyone who says yes is either a complete fuckwit, or lacks any rudimentary understanding what it means to play good football.  I’m looking at you dipshits, Denver.  And ESPN.  They won games with a half-baked running back who was trying to convince everyone he was a quarterback.  Mainly because he’s a quarterback who can’t throw.  How the fuck can a quarterback be any good if he can’t throw?  That’s like saying despite Crapplebee’s serving famously shitty food, it’s deserving of a Michelin star.  With that sort of thinking, you sir, can fuck right off.

Then there’s the whole Christian thing (I probably shouldn’t bring up Christianity so immediately after telling someone to fuck off).  Anyway, this is one of the things that the shitheads like pundits at ESPN like to use to compare Lin with Tebow.  “Oooh, they’re both such devout Christians.”  Oh sure, but there’s an ocean of difference between the two.  One doesn’t seem to make a big deal his religious beliefs, the other takes every single opportunity to ram it down your throat whether you like it or not.  Lin’s not coy about his religion – he’s stated in the press that he believes in God and does supposedly super-Christian things like listen to gospel rap and shit.  But that’s about as much as you’re gonna get from Lin.

Tebow, on the other hand, wants you – nay, needs you – to never fucking forget that he is the most pious human being on earth, that he is indeed the chosen one, the one whom God has hand-selected to do his work here on earth, every Sunday.  He makes sure his pre-game Songs Of Praise routine is audible and visible to all the cameras that are on him.  He makes sure that one way or another, you’re gonna see him every Sunday – at the stadium and at home – get on bended knee to pray himself to victory.  It’s all about him.  Not Him… him, Tebow.  “EVERYONE SEE WHAT A MEGA CHRISTIAN I AM!!”  Jesus is the pedestal on which Tebow stands when he reminds you that he’s super holy.  I swear this shithead needs some good ol’ Old Testament smiting.

If you really must compare the two, let’s face it: Jeremy Lin isn’t all he’s been cracked up to be.  Because he was never cracked up to be anything special.  So to that end, he’s already exceeded expectations.  Unlike Tebow, who is a complete and utter farce.  It’s just high time that Denver realizes what the rest of us (who aren’t ESPN) all realize.

One of these is not like the other.  And New York oughta be so very grateful for that.